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who we are


Social Investment Inc. is a CSR company based in Calgary.

We help companies achieve and maintain their social licence and strengthen their brands through their social investment programs Wether you already have a community investment program or you are just starting, we can help. Make sure your programs fit your company size and your corporate objectives

Bring down the cost of managing your CI programs

If overhead costs are the issue, we can work with you to bring efficiencies to your programs and even manage these programs on your behalf.

Do a self assessment

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Job opportunities

No opportunities for the moment. Please visit this page again in the near future.

The best of professionals

  • Sheila Carruthers MBA, CMC

    Sheila is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), specialized in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). She has...

Why choose us

Remove emotion from decision-making

We will make the tough decision for you.

Reduce overhead cost

You don’t have to choose between having a community investment program that is the vital link with your community and managing it. We will manage it for you and reduce the pressure on other business units.

Follow up and report on your KPIs

SI programs can be a vital link between your company and the community where you operate. To be accountable to all stakeholders (internal and external) clear KPIs need to be established and agreed on.